New Zealand Pt. 1

  • 11.09.2014, 04:53

// March 1st I started my dream to travel the world. Because the bad internet connection in foreign countries and lack of a computer I have not been able to share my stories online, which is why I am going to post drafts from the past and my travel journal on my blog. //

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Private Waka Tour

  • 25.03.2014, 07:52

Today is my last day on Paihia. I went on a Waka tour to two of the 140 islands here, it was so beautiful. We cooked some mussels and oysters at the beach that we caught from the ocean, and just enjoyed our day at a stranded island. I will show you more pictures of it tomorrow!

If you had one day left to live, would you still do what you've been doing now?

  • 24.03.2014, 08:00

Live life one day at a time, be thankful for the good things around you, spend time with people that make you happy, explore the things you want to see, do te things that make you happy and live life like time do not matter.

Today has been one of those lazy summer days where you do absolutely nothing. It is so nice to just relax, specially in a place like this. I could not ask for a better place to get my visa, to be honest. The nature.. The people... The vibe. Amazing. Even though I have to leave in three days I am glad I got to see a little bit of this place. I am definetely coming back for you, New Zealand!

Paihia Day 1

  • 23.03.2014, 11:00

I am so bummed out. My "I have a dream" blog post is gone and I don't know how that happened. Hopefully it works to find it in an old archive.

Over to something else, New Zealand is so surrealistically beautiful. If you imagine Norway and Hawaii getting married, Paihia would be their babies. If you're thinking about backpacking to New Zealand you should definitely stop by Paihia.

New Zealand

  • 21.03.2014, 11:53

Thank you for all your concerns, it really means a lot.

In order to get a working visa in Australia you need to be outside the country while you apply. Luckily for me, the cheapest ticket out of Australia is to beautiful New Zealand. I am not exactly complaining. New Zealand nature actually reminds me of Norway, but it's even more beautiful. I am falling in love with this island!

Just to keep everyone updated on what's going on: I am planning to work in Australia for a while until I get enough money to start my journey. I also apologize for not being so frequent in answering messages and keeping you updated but it does not mean that I do not appreciate you. I am truly thankful for your thoughts and please do not worry. I love you!!

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