A letter for My Love

Tuesday March 15 2016 Paris
​Only the eyes can reveal love that has lasted for over a thousand years. 

The heart can be restored even though the broken pieces belongs to somebody else.
It was a saying she heard when she was suffering from love.

In her life, her heart got broken twice. One of them was leaving her paradise, and the other one was leaving her soulmate.

She considered to sacrifice her own journey to her dreams so she could stay with the love of her life to experience life by his side.
But in her heart she always knew that true love never prevents a woman to pursue her dreams.

She wrote him a letter.
I love you for understanding me and supporting me even though I broke your heart. Half of my heart will always belong to you My love. 

December 1st

Waimanalo, Oahu

The most amazing part of traveling alone, is being alone, but it's also the hardest part. I will be in Vancouver this christmas which makes it my first christmas outside Scandinavia. I have homesickness like crazy and I miss all my loved ones, but I am strong and I will get through it.♥


Live healthy, debt free in a tropical environment in a house with friends that we love each other like family. Have a job that gives a lot of opportunities, freedom, access to meet many of the most amazing people on the planet that has achieved great things. Self-awareness and health conscious with a fit healthy body. Be a good friend, stay humble, keep promises, stay organized and focused, always treat mother like a queen, stay connected with the people you love. Love job and hobbies, not letting materialism be happiness. Be a person the homies will miss when not around, and vise versa cause they are awesome. Be surrounded by intelligent creative, energetic funny active people whom will inspire and be inspired. Travel around the world in a bus with good friends doing good things making a change.

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New Zealand

Thank you for all your concerns, it really means a lot.

In order to get a working visa in Australia you need to be outside the country while you apply. Luckily for me, the cheapest ticket out of Australia is to beautiful New Zealand. I am not exactly complaining. New Zealand nature actually reminds me of Norway, but it's even more beautiful. I am falling in love with this island!

Just to keep everyone updated on what's going on: I am planning to work in Australia for a while until I get enough money to start my journey. I also apologize for not being so frequent in answering messages and keeping you updated but it does not mean that I do not appreciate you. I am truly thankful for your thoughts and please do not worry. I love you!!