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Live healthy, debt free in a tropical environment in a house with friends that we love each other like family. Have a job that gives a lot of opportunities, freedom, access to meet many of the most amazing people on the planet that has achieved great things. Self-awareness and health conscious with a really sexy fit healthy body. Be a good friend, stay humble, keep promises, stay organized and focused, always treat mother like a queen, stay connected with the people you love. Love job and hobbies, not letting materialism be happiness. Be a person the homies will miss when not around, and vise versa cause they are awesome... Be surrounded by intelligent creative, energetic funny active people whom will inspire and be inspired. Travel around the world in a bus with good friends doing good things making a change makin money and good videos.

... And still have good wardrobe.

Hawaii 2014, Bali 2014 

Black sand beach

  • 26.11.2014, 12:26

Echo Beach, Bali 
May 2014  

Gili T vol.2

  • 26.11.2014, 11:45

Gili T, Indonesia
June 2014

Thank you for the beauty my eyes has witnessed ♥

Rice field sunsets

  • 26.11.2014, 11:34

Ubud, Bali
June 2014

Sometimes I was lucky enough to stay at guesthouses with rice fields in the backyard, literally! So beautiful. 

#bali #reise #jordenrundt 


  • 26.11.2014, 11:27

Kuta Beach, Bali
June 2014 

Yoga on the beach

  • 26.11.2014, 11:21

Gili T islands, Indonesia
May 2014 

17. Mai

  • 26.11.2014, 11:14

Sunset Beach, Gili Trawangan
May 17 2014 

Norwegian independence day celebrated at this beautiful island 

#Reise #jordenrundt #backpacking #bali 

Dreaming away to one of my favorite beaches

  • 26.11.2014, 10:49

Waimanalo Beach, Oahu
December 2013 

#Hawaii #Reise #Backpacking #Jordenrundt 

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  • Afro

    • 26.11.2014, 10:29

    Bali May 2014
    Taken in my capsule dorm room in Kuta

    #bali #reise #jordenrundt #backpacking 

    Bali sunset

    • 26.11.2014, 09:52

    I miss this cutie!!!

    Kuta/Legian Beach, Bali 
    April 2014 

    #reise #bali #backpacking #jordenrundt 


    • 26.11.2014, 09:30

    Waikiki Beach, Oahu

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    • 26.11.2014, 09:23

    One year ago

    • 26.11.2014, 09:19

    Waikiki Beach, Oahu 
    November 2013

    This is what I did exactly one year ago, beaching it alone having a pointless photoshoot lol. I miss the beach. 


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