What's in my backpack?

When I packed my bag it was very important to me to only pack with me what I really needed to survive and be happy. I wish to travel very lightly so I only have hand luggage with me.

I didn't know where I would end up in the world but I made sure to pack sunscreen, bikini and clothes for 2-3 days. I also have other essentials with me such as my sanitary products (tooth brush, shampoo, etc) my headphones of course, book to read for those places where there's no wifi (don't judge the 50 shades, it was brought involuntary) my sketch book and my travel journal. I've been this light for two months and I'm still happy, I got all I need. It's so convenient and cheap, I love it.

Ubud, Bali

I'm alive! I'm finally in Bali, Indonesia. I am currently in Kuta after being in Ubud for a few days. I am so in love with Ubud, it was so relaxing and beautiful and it is so cheap there, you don't need much money to live like a queen.

We stayed at a place called Brata Home & Art Stay, you can see photos above of how it looks like. We only had to pay 180.000 IDR per night (90 Norske kroner) for a double room which means only 90.000 IDR per person (45 Norske kroner). We had our own bathroom, breakfast, and wifi included at this beautiful place.

Ubud is known for it's art, sculptures and rice fields. If you are interested in healthy food and yoga (or at least want to try) this is the place to be. I noticed that a lot of the restaurants offered vegetarian and vegan options. I love that they offered coconuts at almost every restaurant there, nothing tastes better than a cold coconut in this climate! I also tried a yoga class in a very nice studio located in the jungle of Ubud so you get a nice view while doing yoga as well.

Ubud is a small and quiet place so it is not much to do here but make sure to stop by the monkey forest and say hi to the 200 monkeys who's running around there. Remember to hide your bananas before you walk in or else the monkeys are gonna steal all of them!