World trippin

Traveling alone as a young woman, with only almost no belongings, in the trust that the world will give her what she needs at all times. Sometimes she has to fight harder for it, but life is more beautiful once we realize all the small daily miracles working in our favor every day.

The miracles will work in the owners favors, to help her reach her life goals and dreams. The miracles work in a force, kind of like a wave, and will always make sure the job will be delivered to its owner.

Sometimes the owner fail to notice the delivery, because her mind is occupied with worries and distractions.
If the job is failed to deliver, it will patiently wait by the owners side until the she is ready to learn from her lessons and ready to fight for her dreams again.

Month 1: Paihia, New Zealand

I stayed in shared room hostels for one year, I was free to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want. It was all up to me.

I am restless, spontaneous and adventurous. Other backpackers usually have the same qualities, so I was excited to be with like minded individuals. I started my adventure in the Backpacker Capital of the World: Australia. Australia took me so many other places and I am grateful for that.

Location: Byron Bay. Second month backpacking. This is all I owned except for clothes and my running shoes. Sandals were bought on an a street market in Sydney.
Books: Life in Half a Second by Matthew Michalewicz

Byron Bay was my home for about a month. 

Byron Bay

New Zealand


I am

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I am made to change. I am sent to show love. I am here to prove the power that we have. I am here to serve. I am here to lead.
I am WE