Rio 2016

Dreaming back to my spontaneous solitude trip to Rio, and all I had to do was to wear a bikini and listen to the waves

Sunday errands in Oslo

This Sunday I’m OFF and I’m taking advantage of this free time to reload and check out my to-do list so I’m ready for another busy work week.

My weeks are usually filled with meetings and projects. I am a marketing manager for restaurants in Oslo so there’s always somewhere to be, and something to create. At night time I’m busy waitressing and learning even more about the restaurant business.

I’m an amateur world traveler and my end goal and actions will always lean towards the path of traveling, that's why I'm working so hard so I can continue to explore the world!

One month

I can't believe it has been one month already. Many people get surprised when they see how little I bring when I travel. Just me and my small backpack, that's all I need! #7kg

Waka Tour pictures

I just arrived in Auckland again. I wish I could stay longer in Paihia but my flight back to Australia is tomorrow morning. My last day at Paihia has been perfect, though. The weather was perfect for a beach day, and I made sure to have my last Ginger Fusion at a local bar called Thirty 30. It is a famous ginger beer with mandarin taste. If you stop by Paihia, make sure to try it. It is the only place on earth you can get it and it is so freakin delicious.