A letter for My Love

  • 15.03.2016, 21:21

Tuesday March 15 2016 Paris

Only the eyes can reveal an old soul mate and love that has lasted for over a thousand years. 

The heart can be restored even though the broken pieces belongs to somebody else. It was a saying she heard when she was suffering from love. In her life, her heart got broken twice. One of them was leaving her paradise in Hawaii, and the other one was leaving her soulmate. She was his, and he was hers, but after a long time in partnership she decided to leave him and follow her own path and dreams. She considered to sacrifice her own journey to her dreams so she could stay with the love of her life to experience life by his side. In her heart she always knew that true love never prevents a woman to pursue her dreams.

She wrote him a letter.

I love you for understanding me and supporting me even though I broke your heart. Half of my heart will always belong to you. My love. Thank you. 

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