What's in my backpack?

When I packed my bag it was very important to me to only pack with me what I really needed to survive and be happy. I wish to travel very lightly so I only have hand luggage with me.

I didn't know where I would end up in the world but I made sure to pack sunscreen, bikini and clothes for 2-3 days. I also have other essentials with me such as my sanitary products (tooth brush, shampoo, etc) my headphones of course, book to read for those places where there's no wifi (don't judge the 50 shades, it was brought involuntary) my sketch book and my travel journal. I've been this light for two months and I'm still happy, I got all I need. It's so convenient and cheap, I love it.

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Postet av: Delirious
Herregud s herlig! Kjente jeg ble inspirert til leve mer primitivt selv n, hihi :) Nr returnerer du til Norge og hvordan tror du overgangen vil bli fra hvordan du har levd fram til n?

Hper du fortsatt har en herlig sommer! ♥
07.08.2014, 16:09
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