Rio 2016

Dreaming back to my spontaneous solitude trip to Rio, and all I had to do was to wear a bikini and listen to the waves

World trippin

Traveling alone as a young woman, with only almost no belongings, in the trust that the world will give her what she needs at all times. Sometimes she has to fight harder for it, but life is more beautiful once we realize all the small daily miracles working in our favor every day.

The miracles will work in the owners favors, to help her reach her life goals and dreams. The miracles work in a force, kind of like a wave, and will always make sure the job will be delivered to its owner.

Sometimes the owner fail to notice the delivery, because her mind is occupied with worries and distractions.
If the job is failed to deliver, it will patiently wait by the owners side until the she is ready to learn from her lessons and ready to fight for her dreams again.

Month 1: Paihia, New Zealand

I stayed in shared room hostels for one year, I was free to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want. It was all up to me.

I am restless, spontaneous and adventurous. Other backpackers usually have the same qualities, so I was excited to be with like minded individuals. I started my adventure in the Backpacker Capital of the World: Australia. Australia took me so many other places and I am grateful for that.

Location: Byron Bay. Second month backpacking. This is all I owned except for clothes and my running shoes. Sandals were bought on an a street market in Sydney.
Books: Life in Half a Second by Matthew Michalewicz

Byron Bay was my home for about a month. 

Byron Bay

New Zealand


Sunday errands in Oslo

This Sunday I’m OFF and I’m taking advantage of this free time to reload and check out my to-do list so I’m ready for another busy work week.

My weeks are usually filled with meetings and projects. I am a marketing manager for restaurants in Oslo so there’s always somewhere to be, and something to create. At night time I’m busy waitressing and learning even more about the restaurant business.

I’m an amateur world traveler and my end goal and actions will always lean towards the path of traveling, that's why I'm working so hard so I can continue to explore the world!

A letter for My Love

Tuesday March 15 2016 Paris
​Only the eyes can reveal love that has lasted for over a thousand years. 

The heart can be restored even though the broken pieces belongs to somebody else.
It was a saying she heard when she was suffering from love.

In her life, her heart got broken twice. One of them was leaving her paradise, and the other one was leaving her soulmate.

She considered to sacrifice her own journey to her dreams so she could stay with the love of her life to experience life by his side.
But in her heart she always knew that true love never prevents a woman to pursue her dreams.

She wrote him a letter.
I love you for understanding me and supporting me even though I broke your heart. Half of my heart will always belong to you My love. 

I am

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
I am made to change. I am sent to show love. I am here to prove the power that we have. I am here to serve. I am here to lead.
I am WE

December 1st

Waimanalo, Oahu

The most amazing part of traveling alone, is being alone, but it's also the hardest part. I will be in Vancouver this christmas which makes it my first christmas outside Scandinavia. I have homesickness like crazy and I miss all my loved ones, but I am strong and I will get through it.♥


Live healthy, debt free in a tropical environment in a house with friends that we love each other like family. Have a job that gives a lot of opportunities, freedom, access to meet many of the most amazing people on the planet that has achieved great things. Self-awareness and health conscious with a fit healthy body. Be a good friend, stay humble, keep promises, stay organized and focused, always treat mother like a queen, stay connected with the people you love. Love job and hobbies, not letting materialism be happiness. Be a person the homies will miss when not around, and vise versa cause they are awesome. Be surrounded by intelligent creative, energetic funny active people whom will inspire and be inspired. Travel around the world in a bus with good friends doing good things making a change.

Black sand beach

Echo Beach, Bali 
May 2014  

Gili T vol.2

Gili T, Indonesia
June 2014

Thank you for the beauty my eyes has witnessed♥

Rice field sunsets

Ubud, Bali
June 2014

Sometimes I was lucky enough to stay at guesthouses with rice fields in the backyard, literally! So beautiful.

#bali #reise #jordenrundt

Yoga on the beach

Gili T islands, Indonesia
May 2014 

17. Mai in Bali

Sunset Beach, Gili Trawangan
May 17 2014 

Norwegian independence day celebrated at this beautiful island 

Dreaming away to one of my favorite beaches

My favorite beach in Hawaii

Bali sunset

I miss this cutie!!!

Kuta/Legian Beach, Bali
April 2014

#reise #bali #backpacking #jordenrundt


Waikiki Beach

Nike Air Max 90 Black x Pink

One year ago

Waikiki Beach, Oahu 
November 2013

This is what I did exactly one year ago, beaching it alone right outside my apartment. 

Party in Sydney

Early March 2014.

Thank you Linnea for the awesome nights out! Never have I had so much fun partying and dancing. Good memories. ♥

Living The Dream

// March 1st I started my dream to travel the world. Because the bad internet connection in foreign countries and lack of a computer I have not been able to share my stories online, which is why I am going to post drafts from the past and my travel journal on my blog. //

Sydney early March 2014

Can't believe I am here. Life is unreal.

What's in my backpack?

When I packed my bag it was very important to me to only pack with me what I really needed to survive and be happy. I wish to travel very lightly so I only have hand luggage with me.

I didn't know where I would end up in the world but I made sure to pack sunscreen, bikini and clothes for 2-3 days. I also have other essentials with me such as my sanitary products (tooth brush, shampoo, etc) my headphones of course, book to read for those places where there's no wifi (don't judge the 50 shades, it was brought involuntary) my sketch book and my travel journal. I've been this light for two months and I'm still happy, I got all I need. It's so convenient and cheap, I love it.

Ubud, Bali

I'm alive! I'm finally in Bali, Indonesia. I am currently in Kuta after being in Ubud for a few days. I am so in love with Ubud, it was so relaxing and beautiful and it is so cheap there, you don't need much money to live like a queen.

We stayed at a place called Brata Home & Art Stay, you can see photos above of how it looks like. We only had to pay 180.000 IDR per night (90 Norske kroner) for a double room which means only 90.000 IDR per person (45 Norske kroner). We had our own bathroom, breakfast, and wifi included at this beautiful place.

Ubud is known for it's art, sculptures and rice fields. If you are interested in healthy food and yoga (or at least want to try) this is the place to be. I noticed that a lot of the restaurants offered vegetarian and vegan options. I love that they offered coconuts at almost every restaurant there, nothing tastes better than a cold coconut in this climate! I also tried a yoga class in a very nice studio located in the jungle of Ubud so you get a nice view while doing yoga as well.

Ubud is a small and quiet place so it is not much to do here but make sure to stop by the monkey forest and say hi to the 200 monkeys who's running around there. Remember to hide your bananas before you walk in or else the monkeys are gonna steal all of them!

Rainy day in Byron Bay

Det jeg elsker med bo nrme stranden er at man kan spise sin lunsj og f en liten tan i samme slengen, og igr var intet unntak. Nr jeg kom til stranden s startet det regne men jeg fant et tre og satt under det til det stoppet. Det var fortsatt en del folk p stranden som surfet s selvom det var drlig vr s viste det seg at var det ikke s verst sted ha lunsj alikevel!

Alt er bra ellers, Byron Bay blir bare bedre og bedre for hver dag som gr og dette stedet passer perfekt inn i mitt eventyr. :-)

#reise #backpacking #australia #byronbay

The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times

Hey guys! I am in love with Byron. I am in love with the friendly locals, they are so into surf, fitness and they appreciate the nature, and not to mention I've also fallen in love with the beautiful beaches that has the whitest, softest sand I've ever seen... I can't wait to get a real camera again so that I can document what I'm doing in a proper way, so just be patient, sooner or later there won't be more iPhone pics.

It is so nice to live close to the ocean again, nothing clears my mind better than taking a trip to the beach. Sometimes the dolphins show up and say hi to you here in Byron as well!

Hello, Byron!

It was time to say goodbye to Sydney for now. I made sure that the next destination I would go to would be a place that is perfect for me. I asked for a place with nice beaches, friendly people and great nature, and through that I found Byron Bay! Australia's own North Shore of Hawaii, couldn't be happier.

Many of you has been asking how it is like to travel by myself, I have to say very changeling but I just have to remind myself that it will all be worth it and that this will only make me stronger. Thank you for all the support, it means a lot to me. You know who you are and I love you

One month

I can't believe it has been one month already. Many people get surprised when they see how little I bring when I travel. Just me and my small backpack, that's all I need! #7kg

Waka Tour pictures

I just arrived in Auckland again. I wish I could stay longer in Paihia but my flight back to Australia is tomorrow morning. My last day at Paihia has been perfect, though. The weather was perfect for a beach day, and I made sure to have my last Ginger Fusion at a local bar called Thirty 30. It is a famous ginger beer with mandarin taste. If you stop by Paihia, make sure to try it. It is the only place on earth you can get it and it is so freakin delicious.

Private Waka Tour

Today is my last day on Paihia. I went on a Waka tour to two of the 140 islands here, it was so beautiful. We cooked some mussels and oysters at the beach that we caught from the ocean, and just enjoyed our day at a stranded island. I will show you more pictures of it tomorrow!

If you had one day left to live, would you still do what you've been doing now?

Live life one day at a time, be thankful for the good things around you, spend time with people that make you happy, explore the things you want to see, do the things that make you happy and live life like time do not matter.

Paihia Day 1

We hiked all the way from Auckland to Paihia. We made it safely to paradise after 10 hours of free rides with nice strangers from the road. New Zealand is so surrealistically beautiful. If you imagine Norway and Hawaii getting married, Paihia would be their babies.

New Zealand

Thank you for all your concerns, it really means a lot.

In order to get a working visa in Australia you need to be outside the country while you apply. Luckily for me, the cheapest ticket out of Australia is to beautiful New Zealand. I am not exactly complaining. New Zealand nature actually reminds me of Norway, but it's even more beautiful. I am falling in love with this island!

Just to keep everyone updated on what's going on: I am planning to work in Australia for a while until I get enough money to start my journey. I also apologize for not being so frequent in answering messages and keeping you updated but it does not mean that I do not appreciate you. I am truly thankful for your thoughts and please do not worry. I love you!!


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